Mysql Tip

Dec 21 2012

Ever start write a big mysql query in the mysql command line client and realize that you forgot to do something, and now you are stuck with pressing the backspace a million and copy/pasting the query etc etc,  no more.


“\c” is your friend, just type it in and you can start back from scratch :) ..

Example below

mysql> select * from users\c  mysql>

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A conflict of interest while guiding clients

Nov 22 2012

There is a fundamental conflict of interest between UX decisions and Business ones, when it comes to pushing for features and functionality.

Our latest client is an online lingerie store and I was going through some of the recently launched competitors. One of them asks users to register via Facebook to purchase. For all the changes Social Networks have cause in our lives, I can’t fathom anyone wanting to share info about their online under-wear purchases on Facebook! Why would anyone do that? and should a an e-commerce store which should be measuring drop of rates to the tiniest of percentages be taking such a big risk?

An interesting question is, which UX engineer even agreed to something like that? I wonder if the conversation went something like this:

“Client: You know what will be awesome, users should be able to register via Facebook and we’l soon have a viral thing going”

“Developer: Thats a great idea! but Facebook functionality will cost you xxx extra…”

We find ourselves arguing with clients about some of their requirements quite often, some of these have soured the relationship a bit too. But it’s still better than building something against our better judgement. When you spend hundreds of hours building a product, we want to be proud of it. Adding a feature, irrespective of cost benefits, that will turn it into a joke is not a path we wish to go through.

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500 visits for Hitwicket today!

Oct 27 2012

Thats what our Google Analytics reports reads for October 26th 2012.

It’s a big moment for us, especially the 19 min per visit stats shows that we are in the right direction in building a great and engaging product.

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Change vs Improvement

Oct 22 2012

Heaven and Earth is the difference between wanting to ‘change’ something and wanting to ‘improve’ something.

Understanding the problem thoroughly and using your better judgement as a product designer is the key to ensure that any modification to an existing system serves as an improvement and not just a ‘change’ bowing to popular demand; otherwise the ‘change’ coud just as easily turn into a detriment!

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Find/List Remote Branches

Oct 14 2012

As you guys already know Git is awesome. I love the git branching model and use branches a lot in my code. So hopefully the following commands with help anyone, in my situation.

To view remote branches

git branch -r

To view local and remote branches

git branch -a

To see all tags and branch for a particular git “remote”

git ls-remote git@location:of/your/repo.git

If you have used Capistrano, you’d have seen that being used everytime you deploy.

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User Experience in Escalators

Jul 30 2012


Product Designers often forget the importance of User Experience, take a simple escalator for instance. How many times have we seen an escalator that does not move but starts as soon as a person steps on. A very thoughtful approach to save power no doubt but, a static escalator always creates doubt in people’s mind about weather it is turned off and this may actually make them choose the stairs which are usually wider and much more suitable for climbing. While this is great for tackling the world’s obesity problems, from a purely design perspective we can definitely save users some trouble here .

A good way of handling the problem is having the escalator move at a very slow speed. You save power and at the same time convey to the user that the escalator is turned on. While the slow movement of the escalator may create a doubt in a user’s mind about the ‘journey time’, I think it is safe to assume that they would rather move up slowly with no effort than take the stairs.

There are so many day-to-day things around us that are ‘functional’ and a whole lot of focus being made to make them ‘cheaper’ or ‘faster’, a certain amount of UX improvement would definitely be a big value addition.


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What is all about ?

Jun 27 2012

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Jun 20 2012

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.

- Jack London

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Fixing “InnoDB: Error: log file ./ib_logfile0 is of different size” Error

Jun 12 2012

So you wanted to change the value of “innodb_log_file_size” on your mysql server.

As it happens, you can’t just change it the “my.cnf” file, restart and make it work. If you do, Mysql will refuse to start and throw this error instead. You can the details of the startup error in your mysql error log file. 

To safely change this setting follow these steps

  1. Shutdown your mysql server, make sure to check the error log that the shutdown had no issues
  2. Move the “ib_logfile0″ and “ib_logfile1″ files from your mysql data directory.
  3. Change “innodb_log_file_size” to your desired setting.
  4. Restart mysql. Check the error log to make sure everything started successfully, mysql may complain that the log files don’t exist, it will make new ones and start. 

Make sure if you are changing things on a production server, you take due care of the mysql downtime due to the changes and restart, and have backups to recover quickly in case something goes wrong. 

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Creating dynamic Bar Graphs using Raphael.js

Mar 06 2012

This post is all about learning “How to create Bar Graphs?” in a quick and easy manner. We will use a javascript lib “Raphael” consisting mainly Raphael.js, g.raphael.js and This library also contains extensions for creating pie charts, dot charts, line charts. First quickly download the js files here:

Let’s start now.

In an Html file, include the js files. We need to create a canvas on which we will deploy our graph:

1 2 3 4
// Creates canvas 640 × 480 at 10, 50
var r = Raphael(10, 50, 640, 480); //OR
var r=Raphael(holder); //holder is name of div
view raw gistfile1.js hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Adding a bar graph to this canvas is very simple:

1 2 3
var chart=r.g.barchart(x, y, width, height, values, opts);
//opts stands for options such as: type (round, square, soft, sharp), stacked (true, false), gutter etc.
view raw gistfile1.js hosted with ❤ by GitHub

For more information,check this git repository:

Finally, we have created a bar chart. But it’s not over yet, let’s add some hover information, axis, labels etc to this bar chart. Check Out the example below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
fin = function () {
this.flag = r.g.popup(,, || "0").insertBefore(this);
fout = function () {
this.flag.animate({opacity: 0}, 300, function () {
txtattr = { font: "12px sans-serif" };
r.g.text(160, 10, "Single Series Chart").attr(txtattr); //to show the text as a heading of bar graph
var chart=r.g.barchart(10, 10, 500, 220,[y]).hover(fin, fout);
/*r.g.axis(x_start, y_start, x_width, from, to, steps, orientation, labels, type, dashsize)
(x_start, y_start): distance of the axis text from the bottom left corner x_width: position of the end of the text along the x axis from and to can be used to specify and range to use instead of using the labels argument. Steps are the number of ticks - 1. Orientation seems to specify x-axis vs. y-axis. Type is the type of tick mark used.*/
axis.text.attr({font:"9px Arial", fill:"#888", "font-weight": "regular", "color": "#ff0000", "fill": "#ff0000"});
//add labels using chart.label(labels) where labels is an array.
view raw gistfile1.js hosted with ❤ by GitHub

For examples, go to: (check “view source” by right clicking the web page)

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