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49 months ago
Ever wondered what it would be like to be the best manager in Hitwicket. Well we have compiled a list of some of the most useful tips in Hitwicket. Have look to figure out what wrong were you doing...

For all you beginner's out there, our veteran players have listed out certain do's and don'ts! Do have a look and let us know what you think. :) 

1) What to do First

New players perceive that the first thing to do is to sell off their main players in game. However, you should instead focus on firing low performing or poor form players. After that, update the training facilities as soon as possible, following which you should try selling off one main player of your team. Using the funds generated, buy 3-4 good batsmen or bowlers of 18yrs and then train them to be better. 

2) Variety in Bowling

Initially people perceive that having different kind of bowlers will help the team, like one left Arm fast, right arm med, Off spinner, Leggy and Slow left arm etc. What you should know however is that Hitwicket is not real cricket. Your strategy should be to field your best bowlers even if all of them are right arm med. Same goes for using off spinner for a team with more lefts and SLA for rightees and so on. Variety in bowling does not count here. 

3) Don’t Underestimate Your Opponent

People assume that if some other team wins using a strategy, the same strategy would apply to them as well. It does not work like that in this game. One of our players said he saw a friend use a particular strategy and when he decided to try out the same, his 2 star batsman got out within the first 3 overs and the team lost by 10 odd runs. Finding out what strategy works for you is crucial in game! Don't blindly follow a strategy without analyzing your team's strengths first!

4) Train The Areas You Are Strong At Instead Of Concentrating On Your Weakness

One of our players recounts his experience as he said, "Initially I got decent batting unit and weak bowling unit in game. So I decided to hone my weakness, which helped me a bit initially. It took close to 1 session for me to make mediocre bowler to a Reliable one. By that time my young batsman wasted their age. Train one department and buy oldies with good skills for other department." 

5) Don’t Get Emotionally Attached To Your Players

Just because your players perform in one or two games don't keep them in the playing X1 for the entire season. A player's performance should be evaluated continuously and his worth to the team both at present and in the future should be continuously monitored

6) Bidding on Auction

Just because someone is good or you want him don’t get into unnecessary bid war. Leave him be and you will find another good one within a week. (Say for Example, Wicket Keepers)

Also, don’t bid on someone whose deadline is 24 hours later. You money will be locked and you can never be sure that you will get the player in the first place.  

7) SI is not scale for evaluating a player

Value of player is how useful he is in your team in game not his SI. When you buy someone or retain someone think about his contribution to the team not SI. 

8) Sunday matches

Again fitness update happens on Tuesday and form update on Saturday so don’t setup your lineup on Friday. And there won’t be any notification for form change or fitness drop. You need to check training for fitness drop and individual players for form drop 

9) Login before 2 hours of the match to confirm your Opponent

Trust me it's not a joke, sometimes you will set your lineup for a Bot team and on match day, someone will take that spot and defeat you. So make sure that you check atleast 2 hrs before the match to ensure that you don't get any last minute surprises. 


 See you in Game.

Signing off, 

The Hitwicket Team

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 2
Hey Shahee! Its a compilation article. These are the tips given by our veteran players to the newbies. Its mentioned in the article :)
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