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49 months ago
Details regarding the new training system.

Hey guys! We have received several reports from players that it takes them a significant amount of time to understand the training system in game. For some, it even takes months to get a hang of it. This is definitely not what we want our players to be focused on! We want you guys to have fun in game and hence, we decided to revamp the training system.

In our current training system, there are several restrictions on the user when he decides to train a player. First off, the training system is complicated and difficult to understand. Second, the players need to be in the playing eleven for you to be able to train them. Third, they have to be batting in specific positions (For example, Players in position 1,3 and 5 alone will get training). Fourth, they have to bowl specific quotas for them to be considered for training. Finally, fifth, you need to wait till the end of the week to receive training.

This current system means that users have significant restrictions placed on their tactics and the strategies should be completely dependent on players batting/bowling at specific positions and completing specific quotas.

The new training system does away with all these restrictions and the only thing you need to be focused on is to ensure that the players receiving training are in the playing eleven of that particular match.

Only one training focus is applicable for the week. For example, if the training focus for this week is batting and the first league match happened on Sunday, then after the match is over go to the training focus page and train 3 players in batting. This should be done within the first three days after the match is over. Similarly, after the next league match is done with on Thursday, choose three different players to receive the batting training. Remember, you can't change the training focus. If you choose spin bowling as the area for the players to be trained in, you should choose three bowlers to receive training in spin after the first league match and three other bowlers for spin training after the second league match.

The players can be playing in any position and they need not bowl any over to be eligible for training. Just ensure that they are in the playing eleven and you're set.

This means that at the end of the week, 6 players are trained in one specific training focus area. For bowling variation alone, you can choose 5 bowlers to receive the training after first league match and 5 other bowlers after second league match.

This new training system is launched on 8th May. Ensure to update your app to be able to access the new training system.

Here are some FAQ regarding the new training system:

Q. Please tell us about bowling variation training . Currently 10 bowlers can be trained with BV but now we can train only 6 ?

A. You can select 5 bowlers for Bowling Variation training per match. So, 10 bowlers are trained per week in bowling variation.

Q. If I am taking bowling training, do I need to make them bowl in the league match or just being part of playing 11 is enough?

 A. No need to bowl, just being part of the playing 11 is enough. 

Q. Can I train 3 seam bowlers in bowling main on Monday and 3 spin bowlers on Friday?

A. No, you cannot. Only one training focus for the week. So you can choose 6 bowlers to be trained in either spin or seam per week.

See you in Game.

Signing off,

The Hitwicket Team


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Solved most of the doubts I had before....
Good work guys!!! (y)
49 months ago
Div V
Gudikandula (Telangana Hawks) Hyderabad # 2
good work i think new managers will definitely benefited they enjoy the game
49 months ago
Sid_R (Lord's 11) Jaipur # 3
If I don't start the training session then my players will get no training, right???
49 months ago
SaadGang (PK Saad) Rawalpindi, Pakistan # 4
in previous version  we can train 10 bowlers in a week is this is update 
49 months ago